Is pop music dead? Not if you delve into the mind of NYC electropop singer JLiNE. His catchy anthems have been wafting through the ears of fans worldwide for the past 4 years, starting with his first MTV hit “Ready Set Go”. 

Today, by joining forces with two powerhouse producers, Noisecatle iii (Daya, Dawn, Jojo) and Electropoint, this “remarkable talent” (popdust) has created what We Run the Underground calls “pure pop perfection”. A trained dancer and choreographer, JLiNE brings his music to life onstage with intricate dance routines and high energy showmanship. 

Small town to NYC

JLine moved to NYC from small town beginnings to forge his own path in the music business. As a musical chameleon, he brings his personal touch to all areas of his career. From co-producing to lyric writing, choreographing to video direction, fans feel they know JLiNE because of his authentic approach and tireless need to evolve and grow

A seasoned live performer, he’s performed over 1000 concerts worldwide in venues as varied as his fan base. From colleges to festivals, prides to private concerts, there’s no audience he hasn’t won over with his electrifying live show. 


An artist with a mission, JLiNE has also visited and spoken with over 1 million people nationwide with his #istandwithjline anti-bullying campaign. Using his painful past to inspire others, JLiNE shares his personal struggle with bullying and how he came to believe in himself.  

“My talents and love for music are ultimately what saved me and I hope I can inspire people to look past their dark days and know their life is worth fighting for”